Pilates Classes

pilates classes in poole

Who can take part in Pilates?  Everyone. No experience required.
All participants are required to complete a fitness questionnaire before starting a course.

All Pilates classes have a maximum of 12. Booking is essential, please don’t  just turn up.
Clothing should not restrict movement and be comfortable. Avoid toggles on leggings etc.  All other equipment is provided. No need to wear trainers as we take our footwear off. It is always advisable to bring a bottle of water and a small hand towel.

Pilates Classes – 8 Week Course for £57.60

Private One to One Pilates.  Starting at £30.00 per hour.

Reformers 8 weeks £72.00

One to One Pilates sessions are available to everyone.  GP referrals, pregnancy, Improve your posture. These sessions are designed towards your individual needs. The initial session involves a postural analysis.  I then look at your lifestyle, hobbies, sports and occupation. Based on this information and your personal, achievable goals are set and agreed.  A Pilates programme is designed to help you achieve your goals. Each session is an 1 hour. One to One pilates classes are taught in the studio.

These sessions compliment a group session and can be given as a present. The sessions are weekly, or every 2 weeks, or as a one off to compliment a regular group session, that you already attend.

Lower Back Pain Management ONE TO ONE Sessions
This Involves Full Postural Assestment, Range of Motion and Movement Assestment and a Programme of Excersises to Control and Manage your Pain Levels, Taking into Consideration, Occupation and Lifestyle Requirements.

Small Group Sessions

Husband and wife pilates classes are very popular. £40 per hour, for 2 people. This  includes a postural and life style analysis. Small groups of 3 or more can be arranged.