The Studio

pilates classroom in poole

Pilates is mainly practised on the floor with a mat. Many Clients of Body Shape Pilates attend mat workout Pilates classes utilising small equipment like rollers, small balls and bands to name a few.

We do however run Large Equipment Classes using Pilates Studio Equipment, Reformers, Cadillac Trapeze, Cadillac Reformer, Ladder Barrel, Arc Barrel, Wonder Chair.

These types of exercise equipment have become such a hit in the fitness industry. For Example the Pilates reformer is an exercise machine that is used to incorporate the Pilates method for a more challenging and intense workout.

The Reformer adds resistance in the form of springs and pulleys that allows the body to gain strength and flexibility other than performing the original method of Pilates using your own body weight as resistance. If you have never seen a Pilates Reformer, or other types of large Studio Equipment then you may be a little intimidated to lay down on them, as it may look like torture devices rather than exercise machines. There are several different kinds of Large Studio Equipment that can be used. Take for example the traditional Pilates reformer, it is about the length of a twin size bed and the width of a regular sized dresser. You are able to lie down, stand up, kneel, or sit in any position on this machine. The machine contains many springs which provide the resistance as well as adjustable pulleys and ropes that allow you to perform all kinds of Pilates exercises.

Body Shape Pilates Large Studio Equipment classes are very small so you can get maximum amount of personal attention during your Pilates workout.

Body Shape Pilates welcomes everyone from the local Poole and Bournemouth area to their purpose built Pilates Studio. Contact us today to check Pilates class availability.