Body Shape Pilates

Covid-19. Guidelines: Re-opening

Body Shape Pilates is working hard to keep you safe. We are guided by the experts PHE, UK government and UK Active.


  • The studio was opened in 2012. A purpose built studio for Pilates.
  • We teach Mat, small equipment, reformers, Cadillac trapeze, Wunda chair and barrel.
  • Located in St Clements Rd, Parkstone Poole.
  • Adults of all ages and abilities are welcome. No experience necessary.
  • About me; Teaching since 2008.

CYQ Level 3 Pilates Instructor

All Classes will be held at the New Purpose Built Body Shape Pilates Studio in St.Clements Road, Parkstone / Poole. People of all ages and abilities are welcome and no experience is required. New classes starting soon

Pilates is a series of exercises that involve working muscles from the inside out, targeting the deep postural muscles. Pilates re -educates the brain and how it controls the muscles by adjusting the firing order in which muscles are recruited. In turn correcting muscular imbalances and restoring good alignment and posture.


Dave 53 yrs

“Following spinal surgery, I was recommended to consider Pilates as a method of improving core muscles that help maintain good posture and protect the spine from further injury. I was introduced to the principals of Pilates by my surgeon’s Physiotherapist but was pleased to find out that the techniques taught by Nina Ingham at ‘Body Shape Pilates’ , were exactly as recommended. Nina’s classes are varied and friendly and are designed to cater for the complete beginner through to the very experienced. I have benefited immensely from Pilates. Not only has my strength and posture improved but the complete body workout that Nina’s classes are designed to deliver has also helped me negate the need for injections and surgery to my shoulder. Maybe if I had discovered ‘Body Shape Pilates’, sooner I could have avoided spinal surgery altogether !!! “

Sari 40 yrs

“I tried Gym, Yoga etc, basically everything to help with my bad back until I found Pilates, Haven’t had back problems since”.

Ann 61 yrs

“Came to the class with joint pain and stiffness, now much more flexible and pain has gone”.

Betta 38 yrs

“Came to class after having 2 caesareans in 2 years and needed help with my back, now I can walk and lift anything without any problem”.

Alison 34 yrs

“Excellent class and tutor, feel so much better”.

Mandy 26 yrs

“Great class and instruction, my fitness has improved, Brilliant”.

Ali 42 yrs

“History of Lower Back Pain and disc problem, after 6 months I can garden and cycle regularly. I know longer need regular pain relief; stretches have been really helpful”.