Can Pilates help my health issue?

Many people contact me after experiencing a new “health issue”. Back pain is probably one of the top ten reasons for contacting me. Pilates can help reduce back pain but it needs to be managed correctly. I also tell my clients, that Pilates isn’t just an exercise class, its a lifestyle change. You need to take what you learn in class and apply it to your everyday activities. You need to be more body aware. Especially when it comes to your posture.

New clients tell me that they tried Pilates and it didn’t work. Why? Large classes, in the wrong level class or they just didn’t grasp how to perform Pilates correctly. Why? They didn’t give it enough time. It takes years of repetition to produce the posture you have now and the muscle memory. How long will it take to re-educate your brain? Replace old patterns with new patterns.

Pilates is a controlled movement and it takes time and patience. Alignment, breathing, switching off muscles that are not needed and then engaging the core. Before starting the movement.

We currently have a waiting list for Beginners, but if you have done Pilates before and would like to give it another go and you live in Poole or Bournemouth. Drop me a message. Thank you for reading.