Clinical Pilates Poole and Bournemouth

What is Clinical Pilates?

Clinical Pilates is traditional exercises, as taught by Joesph Pilates but modified by Physiotherapist expertise to make sure you are doing an exercise suitable for your individual needs.

Here at Body Shape Pilates, we offer pilates classes for those who have underlying health issues. The difference between clinical pilates and fitness or classical pilates, is that everything we teach is evidenced-based, class numbers are smaller, and the qualifications held by the instructor.

Fitness pilates tends to be taught at a gym, book as you go, whereas here at Body Shape Pilates, we only offer courses. This allows us to write our lesson plans around those who are going to attend each week. Also allowing us to make sure you are receiving the attention you need individually, at the same level suitable for your needs.

Some of the original exercises taught by Joesph Pilates are not suitable for everyone. The clinical world, physiotherapist etc have examined the original exercises and have modified them.

For example, the Hundred. Joesph Pilates got his clients to raise the head and bounce the arms at the side on the body, while laying in supine. Legs extended, toes pointed.

Clinical pilates, The Hundred is done in a variety of stages. Making sure you can maintain a neutral pelvis. If you can’t, you don’t move up the levels. The head remains on the floor or on a head block. The arms rest at the sides. Why? Most of us already carry the head forward due to modern life. If you lift the head, you are encouraging this bad posture. No need to move the arms. By resting them at your sides, palms facing upwards, allows you to engage your shoulder girdle, whilst opening the chest.

Hope this helps. 


Body Shape Pilates studio is located in Poole but very close to Bournemouth. I also have clients who travel from Wareham and Swanage.